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What tires would you recommend in the GTS sizes of 255/35/19 285/30/19??? I know corsas come to mind... I, like everyone else would love to run PSS. However, I've read bad things about tracking PSS seeing melted outside corners but that's likely from lack of enough camber. I'm currently running stock sizes on ZCP in MP cups and they're about wasted. I come from a professional racing background so I notice very very minute differences, e.g. when I drive in the mountains I check/set pressures with a pyrometer-

I was told to check re11's but they don't make them in those sizes. I had those before on a prior track prepped Porsche 911 (re01r) and loved them. I've also had yoko a08d's and they were great but didn't last long at all.

I've had prior iterations of the s0's before and absolutely hated them. They were heavy as rocks making the car incredibly lazy in response from unsprung weight and had BS traction despite prior reviews. Thoughts?

My prior research has led me to doing PSS 255/30/19 275/30/19 to keep the same diameter ratio and not increase the rear diameter by going 275/35 and losing acceleration and balance. Comment?


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S04 has definitely gotten lost in the shuffle a bit with all the (deserved) hype surrounding the PSS. I can vouch for their excellent stability and steering response from our testing. The grip level is excellent. Not quite equal to the PSS, but better than most other tires in the category.

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