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id be so pissed... if you're making payments on the car I would deduct the 200 miles by the average a month and have him pay up. Nothing in life is free, dude had some balls to do what he did and obviously has no respect for other peoples belongings especially yours, as a roommate I would kick his ass out, wouldn't want that kind of untrustworthy person living in the same house as me.
Yep agreed, I'm actually moving out very soon, not for this reason though

Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
He's probably eating your food too.
Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
Might also be sleeping in your bed while gone and using your toothbrush too.
Wouldn't be surprised

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So was it confirmed that he actually did joy ride in the car, or did he fess up?

If he did, that shows a total lack of respect. I wouldn't live with someone like that, and would move out ASAP.
Yep - he admitted to it, said he drove it 4 times. (so it's at least 4 times)

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You've highlighted one of the principal problems with renting: you can be kicked out for economic reasons outside of your control. You're subject to the owner's bank, and the owner's ability to pay the bank. You also have significantly less control over how the property is used, other than the contractual terms of your lease, but then there are costs to enforcing your rights under your lease. On the other hand, owning a home offers security, particularly if you have a family. If you have a wife and kids, there's no way you could live in an apartment if you could afford to own in fee.
Totally ok with potentially getting kicked out, if that means I'm not stuck with a risky asset with low yield (and worst case potential for depreciation) that would tie up a disproportionate amount of my wealth for a very long time.

I see your point though, and will prob change my mind couple yrs down the road. But buying anything without considering how much it costs doesn't seem like good business, esp when it comes to the most expensive thing u can purchase

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Agreed. "I own M3" is not written on your forehead when you go in a club. Do not buy an M3 if you are thinking it will help you bang girls left and right. Work on your game!
amen. also chicks r prob more impressed by a 328 convert anyway

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What is this crap? I hope you're being sarcastic. I'm 25 and just signed a closed on my first house in a highly desirable area. Maybe I should pay someone else's mortgage instead of ensuring I have a roof over my head and my own home to be proud of and blow my money on depreciating assets!! Yippie!!!
If you live in London then it's much better value to buy so congrats. I know the area pretty well actually...went to school there, you can guess which one.