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I installed the Full LED Conversion Kit from Trinity Autosport last night on my E92, thought I'd provide some in-depth notes since there are none posted on this thread.

* My order was shipped the same day I submitted payment via PayPal, received two days after!

* Every light bulb needed was included in my order, including rear footwells.

* The kit is plug and play. Though some patience is required, anyone can make the conversion.

* Tools required: Trim removal tool (or flathead screwdriver), Torx Screwdriver (not required, but helpful).

* The full install took me about 2 hours. This is misleading, though, because of some difficulties accessing the two Dome fixtures. With no delays, you could get this done in 1 hour.

* The hardest fixture to access is the Front Dome, as the release tabs are snugged up against the headliner (facing front). To access, remove the Visor mounts using your Torx Screwdriver. The headliner will dip down a few inches under the weight of gravity, and allow you to access the fixture release tabs with your fingertips.

* Also of note, the Map & Dome lights use these funny receptacles to for the electrical connections. To install the Dome fixtures, you simply remove the old bulb and push the new fixture up in to the opening. Use CAUTION when pushing the new Dome fixture into the receptacle, as any misalignment may cause damage to the receptacle. Yes...I ruined one of my receptacles, which I suspect is a $0.50 part from BMW. Not a major concern, just annoying...

* Conversions using the full fixture (vs. bulb only) are super bright! These areas are: Trunk, Pathway Lights, Front Footwells, and both Domes.

* Unfortunately, the Trunk/Pathway/Front Footwell fixtures seem to fit a bit loosely in the panels. I'm actually slightly concerned that they may fall out if I hit a large bump/pothole, and definitely concerned about rattling. I may end up wrapping these fixtures in electrical tape or some other material to tighten the gaps. I'll provide an update if I have any issues...

* Conversions using bulb only are not terribly bright, which seems to be more related to the socket setup and less related to bulb brightness. These areas are: Map Lights, Glove Compartment, Rear Footwells.

* OVERALL: I'm very pleased with the completeness of the kit, and I love the crisp LED light. The cabin is very well lit, and the lights fade on/off perfectly! Besides a few small fitment issues (noted above), I'm very happy with this product so far.