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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Interesting issue you raise, most people who know how to drive a manual still aren't very good at operating a manual transmission for purposes of extracting maximum performance from a car. How many threads are there all over the web of people running 1/4 mile times 1 second+ off the best time for the car in otherwise ideal conditions? There are of course some people who would choose DCT regardless of their skill with a manual, but generally I think that's true, and the DCT (and SMG before it) makes the M3's huge performance envelope much more accessible. The extra gear and faster shifts are a nice bonus which more than offset the ~45lb weight penalty in most situations, but not the primary reason most people choose it IMO.

If you really press them on it, (and I've asked a few) they'll tell you it allows them to focus on executing one less thing behind the wheel, which makes them feel faster and more in control, not less (contrary to the "MT allows more control" argument which is objectively true but that's theory and we live in reality) when driving quickly

Both great options, I chose the one I wanted but if the M3 was DCT only I'd be sad but it'd still be a great automobile

Now, why anyone would choose an E92 when the E90 was available I have no idea (kidding...)
OK, first, to answer your question...because E92's rool and E90's drool! Surprised you didn't know that.

And as to the rest of your post. I've driven MT's my entire driving life, and BMW MT's for 12 years before I got my present car. Would never even consider an automagic. Not saying I was an ace, but I have tracked my cars for years and was proficient. First time I ever drove the DCT was at the Performance Center in SC, when the best BMW salesman I've ever seen set me up to test the M3 when i told him I was considering it. And I was miserable at it, because my right hand kept reaching for the gearshift and my left foot almost punched through the floorboard. But after the instructor duct taped my right hand to the wheel, I was flat sold on it. Given the choice, I'd go DCT every time.

I see and respect what you're saying about the satisfaction derived from wringing out a car using more coordination and effort. But as for me...I ain't goin' back.