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Intersting figures. Thanks for posting.

I think it's difficult to make sweeping generalizations about buyer preference, particularly by country. There are so many reasons why people go DCT or Manual.

One of my partners at work will only order stripped down cars that have only a manual. He's from Geneva and has only ordered manual cars. Another friend of mine ordered his E93 so he could cheap it out and only get nav. He isn't what I'd call an enthusiast but he enjoys a manual and really didn't want to add $2900 to the cost of his lease..

I have never owned a manual car and now as tech got better, I find it less compelling to go backwards in development to a transmission I'm no better than average at operating. So DCT wins for me every time.

If and only if I ended up buying a weekend car that was older, would I only consider a manual transmission. Cars I'd consider for purchase down the road as a fun car would be a 993 S wide body or 993 turbo or hell, I'd even pick up an E36 M3 project car if I found a clean example because it was my dream car as a teen.

These cars had horrendous slow auto boxes so the manual is the only way to go.