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Originally Posted by Groundpilot View Post
I like new sti and almost pulled the trigger last year. But after reaserching a little bit, the engine was not the strongest part if pushed hard and there were many reviews about engine blow ups.
Did subaru adress that issue?
Good question. I haven't heard much on the forums about any 2013's blowing up but it could just be a matter of time. Good thing is that the motor is a heck of alot cheaper to fix than our S65 if something goes wrong. I'm keeping mine relatively stock (just a downpipe and a custom protune) which made 305/346 AWHP on 91 oct on Cobb's Mustang dyno which is perfect for it's platform on both the track and street.

I'm changing tires to the new RE11A's before I hit the track and look forward to seeing how it performs compared with the heavier but more powerful RWD M3.
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