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Exactly....especially for the first service, fill out the survey, give them perfect 10s, write a few kind words, be nice/respectful, etc to establish the "incentive system" from the get-go (no need to blackmail unless they give you hard time for something). Goes a long way!

Originally Posted by SymphOfEvil View Post
I don't know about the maintenance visits y'all have had recently, but the past two times I've gone the SA has very bluntly explained to me that they won't ask any questions as long as I give them straight "10's" on the email survey so they don't take a hit to their commission. Sounds like they're more worried about that than getting in trouble for authorizing some warranty service that was due way early because of track use (e.g., new pads @ 12k miles.)

I wouldn't use that as a "blackmail" strategy if they refuse to fix something you jacked up at the track, but if they're trying to deny you regular maintenance because you tracked your car you might be able to use it as a bargaining chip.