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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
BMW of Newport have been solid for me. The covered all the warranty items, filled it up with Ate Super instead of BMW brake fluid and changed the rotors twice. The said they were interested in seeing how the car holds up and glad to work on an M3 that gets run, rather than the garage queens they tend to see.

They caught me when I forgot to clean the bottom of the running boards! D'Oh!

Out of curiosity, what were the mileages on your M3/rotors when the dealer agreed to replace the rotors? I took mine into the dealer recently and they refused to replace cracked rotors under the factory maintenance plan because they said the vehicle was too new (13 months) and with too few miles (11k) and they were concerned about BMW refusing to reimburse them for the parts and labor under the service contract.

thanks, ydoc

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