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My experience: ( 2008 M3, build date 12/07, mileage 24700 Km, 15000 miles)

Oil quantity indicator showed 1/2 to 1/3 continuously since last dealer warranty covered oil change.

One day, indicator showed MIN, ADD A QUART/LITER! .... just like that! Hmmmmm?

Read this thread and find out that the quantity indicator is a bit 'ball park' as one needs to add at least a quarter liter/quart to get a change of reading.....OK, I can live with that I guess.

So, got the kit and did the's how it went:

1. Drained oil , removed filter,
2. Siphoned with turkey baster and 1/4 inch hose to the deepest depth of the oil filter housing and got at least another 1/4 quart out of there.
3. Let the car drain for 24 hours, tail up, tail down, tail drop every 20 minutes after 24 hours...I think I got it all!
4. Plugs back in, new filter added, and poured about 1/2 of a quart over the new filter to fill the depths of the filter housing with fresh gold.
4. Filled the rest of the engine with 8 now 8.5 Liters.
5. Started engine, warmed her up....(purrs so smooth now!)
6. Reset oil indicator....BELOW MIN, ADD A LITER!....iDrive shows also below min....Hmmmmm? ....scratch head for a while...
7. Added 1/4 total 8.75 liters....manual reset and took her for a spin too.....BELOW MIN, ADD A LITER!....same with automatic reset.....some more head scratching..
8. Added the last 1/4 Liter to make the total 9 whole liters and still couldn't get the indication to show above MIN.........took her for a good spin this time, to the dealer 20 miles away to buy another liter of gold..... let her reset the quantity herself again, and still BELOW MIN.....manual reset in the dealership parking lot, and still no change..... do I have to add more?!
9. Bought another Liter, added 1/4 of it at the dealer, headed for home watching with great anticipation while the quantity reset clock spin round and round.... until....wait for it..........FULL! .... finally .... iDrive indication shows right on MAX now...OIL LEVEL OK...full green overfill message....


Go figure!

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