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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I cant remember which magazine I read the article in but there was a comparison between the Caymen and I think old 78 Porsche RS.

just pulled out that issue... it was Excellence, June 2007 and the weight numbers were the most memorable part of that article for me as well...

Porsche states the Cayman (base model) weighs 2845 lbs, but when they put the car on their scales it was -- 3157 lbs!!! 312 lbs more than Porsche claims!! This Cayman came with NO options, just 18" wheels and floor mats. So a bare bones base Cayman weighs 3157.

Also, April 2007 Excellence states the 997 GT3 weighed in at 3218 lbs with a full tank of gas. This test car had Nav and Ceramic brakes. I think the PCCB (ceramic brakes) save quite a bit of weight at each wheel. The rotors are much lighter, not sure how much though....