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Originally Posted by e90335iftw View Post
update: I went to best buy because they agreed to fix/ replace my laptop if i show them the charger i used. So I bring my charger in and they tell me to take my laptop to apple directly and deal with them. I asked them why i paid an extra 300 for the extended warranty from them if theyre just going to screw me over and send me to apple. They basically said the first year of the warranty, apple fixes everything. Then after the first year, its us who you deal with.

Im so fed up, i dont know wtf to do at this point. When I start up the laptop it works perfectly. But if you look at the side you can see the burnt part. I dont want to take the laptop back home and then have complications later on.

I told them to ship it to apple for me with the charger and ask them to check it out again. they basically told me that they will do that but if apple denys the warranty, im shit out of luck.
you might do better just going to an apple store. imo, best buy's run like a chop shop. when i go there, i assume i'll be getting the attitude. the few times i've dealt with an apple store, they usually took care of me (though there are always exceptions).

i know, it's principle: best buy should handle it since you bought it there. but end of the day, you want it fixed right? might not be worth arguing with those bb folks. this week i was shopping for an ipad for my dad. went to bb first, got the attitude right away. flashed my cash and walked out the store (some other time, buddy). went to the apple store next. first guy "was on break". a nice girl came by and did everything right. left the store with a new ipad within 5 minutes: that is how you sell.