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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
Because people DO blindly believe what the media, magazines, articles, Wikipedia, internet and even forums tells them about science and technology.
Yes they do, but while they are blind in the science/tech arena, they know others are not. Most people who have an operation dont have the knowledge to fix their problem, but they rely on the doctors who do. That's a type of faith, but it's not really blind; because they know that the doctor had to endure years or hard work and training, and new advances are incorporated into that body of knowledge all the time. It's not frozen at 2000 years ago; it's a continuously evolving, improving thing.

I'm willing to let a "real" doctor operate on me. Call that faith if you will; but's it's not really blind faith. I mean sure, I'm blind in that case, but the guy holding the scalpel isn't. If an option was a spiritual healer or witch doctor, without scientific credentials, who clung to centuries old practices, no way I'd let them cut me open. That would require a level of blind/irrational faith that my brain cannot abide by. If you knew someone who was happy to let such a person treat them, wouldn't that influence your opinion of them, and their ability to think rationally?

Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
Forget about the content of these books the person is reading and believing in, because they are not going to do anything other than read the books and decide whether or not to believe in their contents. They are not going to do any studying of the subject outside of the original books they learned from. They are not going to research anything to see it for themselves.
No they are not, and I aint gonna study medical textbooks either before my operation, if I knew the doctor did, and he tells me he has to take out my appendix. The fact that I know someone, somewhere, did that research to independently verify the theory, in a repeatable, documented way, that actually invites scrutiny and ongoing refinement, well that means I dont have to. Even the med students dont have to personally verify it, because they know there are checks and balances in the system to prevent pure fiction from ending up in university med school textbooks. (if we believe something today, and science proves it to be pure fiction tomorrow, I know that it will not remain in the curriculum for another 2000 years. That comforts me as I'm wheeled into the operating room).

You cannot independently verify much of the theory put forth in the bible. I can't, you can't, NOBODY can. There are no such checks and balances, because nobody can provide them. Considering that, why would it be at all surprising that people might question the judgement of those who make important life decisions based on it?