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Over the years i did some business with Chinese and i witnessed some crazy stuff there. Dumping your truck's load on the car behind, this much crazy. However, i consider myself a better driver after driving in Shanghai and Guangzhou. You see you have to be super cautious when you are driving there. Check your nearby cars, look for possible pedestrians, analyzing your surrounding etc... In China, you get to know how to have an eye on the road ahead and checking out all the mirrors at the same time. I saw Hong Kong mentioned here and i have to say people in there drive actually very good.

Now if anyone in here wants to be a very good driver, i dare that person to go and drive in India. I went to Delhi last year. The hotel i resided in provided me transportation so i personally didn't drive there and mostly we were in upscale neighborhoods but when we got out of the safe zone i faced the craziest traffic ever. Cars go in wrong directions. Lots of bikers with heavy objects or 4-5 passengers do maneuvers when they are making their road between the sea of other bikes/cars/gay trucks. Very dangerous place for normal driver we have in Europe.

As for Russia, it's not really bad. I would even say they have a lot more good drivers than i witness everyday. Drivers who actually check for other cars around them but here the drivers just only see what's in front of them and that's it.