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disclaimer: i have never washed my car myself using anything other than Ammo and only started washing it myself a few weeks ago. so i cannot compare to any other products. i can say that me washing it myself makes it cleaner than getting it hand washed

wheel soap and plum wheel spray: the wheel spray works well at getting all the brake dust off. i bedded my brakes in a few nights ago and the whole wheel was grey from dust. a few sprays on each wheel of the plum wheel spray and it all rinsed right off in conjunction with soap

the foaming car soap: foams up really nicely with foam gun and works to get dust and dirt off car. trunk is usually really dirty due to my akra evo but with very little effort and scrubbing, it all comes off. works to get bugs off my front bumper as well and gets bird poop off without needing to spray anything else on it

degreaser/bug remover: for bugs that are hard to remove with the foaming wash, the bug remover works well. a few sprays and then wiping it off and bam they're all gone

hydrate: Larry told me that the purpose of hydrate is to lubricate the micro fiber before drying the car so that it doesn't scratch the car, because scratches usually come from drying. whether that works or not, no idea. however it is pretty cool that each time i dry the car, it glosses it and pretty much is as if I'm waxing the car while drying it. gives it a nice glossy shine

ammo spit: had to use this today actually because was getting car photographed. so on the way, a few bugs and road tar, etc got on the paint. literally just sprayed it on and everything came off pretty easily

ammo skin: really nice wax-like thing for the paint. just put it on, wait a little bit, rub it off, and the car feels very soft and it gives it a really nice shine. Larry told me that when he detailed my car, he put several layers of the skin on and it helped to really make it shine and stand out. skin lasts a while on the paint too. washed it several times since he applied it and its still really smooth and soft

interior stuff: cannot comment on those because I use leatherique and chemical guys. however i am sure that the quality of the interior products are as good as everything else. overall I'm really happy with Ammo products and i would def buy them again when I run out. they seem to last a while also. i don't need to use that much of any of them while going through my regimen. hydrate and wheel spray seem to be going the fastest, however that just depends on usage. my wheels get really dirty so i need to spray more on. and haven't really found a good amount of hydrate to put on yet. i just spray it all over the microfiber every few passes or so

sorry for rambling. I'm tired. pm me and ill email pics