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Originally Posted by i dunno View Post
In your example, there wouldn't be a difference, but I don't really understand what you're arguing. I think you're saying a lot of people blindly believe whatever they hear and read without further research or questioning. So stupid people are easily indoctrinated?
Maybe, but don't think stupid is the right word if this is correct. If you look at marketing, today it is also 'religion'-like. I have no references, but marketing does influence and "indoctrinate" the consumers. Marketing is some sort of legal and open deception, it is not necessarily meant to harm, but marketing is meant to make people believe in something i.e a product, that in this case is not a religion but a belief nonetheless. Simply said, yes the normal person is stupid and thus believes in the product. However in business, where most are well educated (doesn't mean not stupid), they also believe in someone's else marketing.

So to what you said, yes, stupid people are easily decieved. But is lie the point?

I think what Mr Tonka said it not very accurate about calling "stupid people" (not in a negative way) believers of science. In a process belief comes after unsuccessful search of proof. In other words before believing, you question, whether you get an answer or not, whether it is right or wrong. Then you decide to reject or to believe. I doubt "stupid people" question, so if their is a lack of questioning, and consequently researching, what follows cannot be called belief. Maybe blind belief, is blind belief a ture belief? No, because you can 'open the eyes of the blind' so that they could see, only then they can believe.