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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
You guys act as if everyone walking the planet who isn't religious is full of logic and is scientifically minded.

Whether the faith in science and or technology does or does not have to be blind makes no difference. Because people DO blindly believe what the media, magazines, articles, Wikipedia, internet and even forums tells them about science and technology.

What is the difference between believing in something that was written and recorded in standard fashion 2000 years ago and believing in something that was written and recorded in standard fashion 20 years ago?

Forget about the content of these books the person is reading and believing in, because they are not going to do anything other than read the books and decide whether or not to believe in their contents. They are not going to do any studying of the subject outside of the original books they learned from. They are not going to research anything to see it for themselves. They are only going to read the contents and believe both to be true.

What's the difference?
In your example, there wouldn't be a difference, but I don't really understand what you're arguing. I think you're saying a lot of people blindly believe whatever they hear and read without further research or questioning. So stupid people are easily indoctrinated?