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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
I'm not sure if you can call that "best understanding". Because Christians would say they have the best understanding. There is no scientifc explanation to the sense of life. Infact science only looks at facts, but not sense. It is possible to relate life to science. If life is tirval, so is science, as without life, there would be no science.
I think you're agreeing with me, but misunderstood what I meant. "Best understanding" might not have been the best choice of words, but science not being able to make sense of life is exactly what I'm saying. They have the "best" understanding of how life is trivial because they have no understanding of the meaning of life. Since life doesn't really make sense, wouldn't you say that atheists accept and embrace that human life is just a little speck of the universe and nothing more? In that sense, humanity is most insignificant to atheists. Religion tries to fill the void of the supposed insignificance of life. People of faith have something to look forward to beyond our physical existence. The world beyond gives their lives reason and meaning. As a result, their lives don't seem as trivial.

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Thus, as people believe in God/gods, the same way some can believe in Science, and indeed quite many do, consciously or unconsciously. Science as a whole can very well be a 'religion'.
I think we've already discussed the difference between faith and science in this thread. Science is verifiable in the physical world, while God is not. Whether science can be considered a religion is debatable. It really depends on your definition of a religion.

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