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Also, I feel like atheists have the best understanding of how trivial and insignificant human life is. Once they're dead, that's it. There's no reincarnation or heaven, just dust. In the grand scheme of the universe, they accept our minute existence and acknowledge that it's completely meanlingless. I think that's the appeal of religion. It fills that void caused the innate insignificance of our lives. It provides relief to our overall meaningless world and comforts people with an existence beyond our physical realm. This makes religion very empowering.
I'm not sure if you can call that "best understanding". Because Christians would say they have the best understanding. There is no scientifc explanation to the sense of life. Infact science only looks at facts, but not sense. It is possible to relate life to science. If life is tirval, so is science, as without life, there would be no science.

Thus, as people believe in God/gods, the same way some can believe in Science, and indeed quite many do, consciously or unconsciously. Science as a whole can very well be a 'religion'.

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I don't really agree with how you say that a relationship with God requires tremendous cognitive prowess. Correct me if I'm wrong, but religion is suppose to be all encompassing regardless of how smart or stupid you are. To say that believing in God is only accessible to smart people automatically means that certain people are destined for eternal damnation, because they don't have the brain power to be a Christian. For religion to work, it has to be understood by everyone.
I think you are right on this point. Everybody of any intellect can be religious of have some beliefs. Even the most wild people (in our perspective?) have beliefs, while at the same time they eat other human beings, what is more and animalistic way of living.