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Originally Posted by M3Denver View Post
The odd thing is religion has thousands of years of philosophy, law, stories, ancient languages, translation, numerology, astrology, spirituality, eye witness accounts, and in more modern times science examining it. The reality is the depth of the Christian and I would include the Jewish religion, goes so deep in many levels which makes it way More complex than science as it takes more of your faculties to process it all. Science is tangible proof backed by numbers, highly complex and in some cases unsolvable numbers.
Religion, is built as the results of Gods personal relationship with Us which demands EQ and IQ to be challenged and working.
I see religion is way more complex, and those atheists or anti theists challenged by being open to something so profoundly great that can make us insignificant and all that we do seem trivial.

My 2 cents
I'm curious about the complexities and depth of the Abrahamic religions. Could you expand on that? I would gladly hear about why it requires so much cognitive processing power to be a believer. Preach to me!

I'm no expert on this, but in my view, I feel like Christianity has such a rich history because it's so entrenched in our culture. The Church has been a historical superpower throughout time and still holds a lot of value today. As a result, stories, language, philosophy, law, etc. are all inherently influenced by a Christian perspective. Is it reasonable to say that it has this perceived depth because it's so ingrained with how our society developed?

Let's say you live in China. China also has a very long history and deeply rooted beliefs and practices. To us, things like Chinese medicine, chi, feng shui all sound like horse shit. But to some people, it means everything. They study, experience, and embrace their culture's values. It's their way of life and adds a lot of meaning to their existence. If you grew up in China and developed a strong attachment to its culture, wouldn't you hold Chinese beliefs to the same level as how you view Christianity and Judaism? How would you respond if some foreigner came up to you and started telling you about how everything you based your life on was wrong and that his/her beliefs and principles were the only way to live? Probably the same way you'd respond if a Hindu in the US tried to convert you from Christianity.

I would argue that religious people have a sense of significance and don't perceive our actions as trivial. I feel like atheists have the best understanding of how trivial and insignificant human life is. Once they're dead, that's it. There's no reincarnation or heaven, just dust. In the grand scheme of the universe, they accept our minute existence and acknowledge that it's completely meanlingless. I think that's the appeal of religion. It fills that void caused the innate insignificance of our lives. It provides relief to our overall meaningless world and comforts people with an existence beyond our physical realm. This makes religion very empowering.

I don't really agree with how you say that a relationship with God requires tremendous cognitive prowess. Correct me if I'm wrong, but religion is suppose to be all encompassing regardless of how smart or stupid you are. To say that believing in God is only accessible to smart people automatically means that certain people are destined for eternal damnation, because they don't have the brain power to be a Christian. For religion to succeed, it has to be understood by everyone.

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