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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka
Originally Posted by i dunno View Post
So faith is just a product of stupid people?
According to most atheists....
The odd thing is religion has thousands of years of philosophy, law, stories, ancient languages, translation, numerology, astrology, spirituality, eye witness accounts, and in more modern times science examining it. The reality is the depth of the Christian and I would include the Jewish religion, goes so deep in many levels which makes it way More complex than science as it takes more of your faculties to process it all. Science is tangible proof backed by numbers, highly complex and in some cases unsolvable numbers.
Religion, is built as the results of Gods personal relationship with Us which demands EQ and IQ to be challenged and working.
I see religion is way more complex, and those atheists or anti theists challenged by being open to something so profoundly great that can make us insignificant and all that we do seem trivial.

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