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Originally Posted by i dunno View Post
I'm not quite following what you're saying. Give an example of the "concepts of faith" that you mention.

I'm not talking about the precepts of faith. Precepts definitely exist in the physical world since they're human constructs derived from faith. I'm talking about the fundamental basis of faith - that there's an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent deity/deities who created the universe. Faith is rooted in a belief that there's more than just the physical world. Since science is bound to the limits of our spatial dimension, it's impossible for us to gather evidence that proves or discredits the existence of something outside our universe. Does that make it clearer?
Okay, I think I get what you are saying.
The religion preached in churches holds that there is a 'deity' (God) that exists outside of our world which we must face when our life in this world ends.
I never went to church and my in interest in religion in from the 'universal truths' /spirituality perspective.
So I never considered the true/false in the deity proposition /or life after death (heaven).. well perhaps as a child but quickly realised the futility of trying to answer such a question.

The "concepts of faith" that I suscribe to are things like 'love' (), law, behaviour, society etc. - or the 'universal laws' that, in my mind, are proven way to live your life.
So I have just picked and choose what I find truth in religion as it can concern me, I don't go to church or have plans to, so It never occurs to me to ask whether God /heaven actually exists..
Hope you find this helpful.