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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
wtf! seriously, those rich people in China think they are the shit. No regard for public safety or traffic concerns to carry out their feud? no wonder ordinary people see this stuff and have hate these people.
OK this might be getting a tad racist to say. If you understood this situation more maybe your inner Hitler wouldn't come out so quick. "Hate these people" is quite strong. "those rich people in China think they are the shit". Rich people every where in this world think they are the shit bro, if you can't see that then maybe you need to meet more rich people.

This situation you saw isn't what you would see normally. I can easily one up this one with a dozen crazier shit that happens regularly from the states (worldstar HH would be heaven), and you probably wouldn't hear anyone say "hey look at those crazy fucking americans with their guns and shit, no wonder they are they biggest target for terrorist activities. BTW, just FYI from what i read, the father and son both fell in love with the same KTV whore. Crashing their cars into each other was probably the safest resolution.

From just the replies on this thread, you seem to be extremely proud to be an american, I personally dont mind that as I am also extremely proud to be a Canadian but honestly you might want to chill on the racist remarks for any type of asians.