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Originally Posted by MTrezzz View Post
So i was looking at today and noticed that most of the exotic crashes are in china... WHY? how do so many people have M3's F430's Gallardo Ect.. Then literally wreak them brand new? i don't get it. and looked at other threads and it's the same story.
China doesn't actually have a lot of supercars, probably even less than a small place like Hong Kong. BTW M3 isnt a supercar. But if you want to know why so many people have nice cars, its because there are definitely a lot of rich people in China. Why so many crashes? Because "chinese" lol. I drive in China on a regular basis and that's probably the best way I can explain it. Please also note that cars are at least twice the price than the US because of high import taxes, some countries have it even worse like Singapore. Roads are nice, most drivers are just uneducated and have no regards for other driver/cars on the street. No one EVER gets pulled over by the cops because that's not how they work. I quite enjoy driving in China, much more than I do in anywhere else which is basically Hong Kong, Canada, France, and US.