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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
So if the head of the ignition coils break off, what the best way to get them out? I was all excited to get this job done and luckily decided to start on the passenger's side since it seems that's the harder side. I take the cover off and this is what I see

The head on the first two coils are broken off. The last time this was worked on was at 30,000 by my local dealer. So pissed! I contacted the dealer to see if they will replace the coils but being that I'm out of warranty by quite a bit (67,000 miles) and that 30,000 mile replacement happened in October 2010, I doubt I'll get anything out of them. I'd almost rather they just give me the new coils and let me install it but I have no idea how I'm going to get those broken ones off now.
The best way to remove is to loop a wire under where the harness plugs in and force it upwards and trapping the wire against the coil body (as per the picture). It's very easy. It happened to one of the coils against the firewall, and that's what I did. You can glue the top back, if you still have it and continue to use, but use the method I told you to remove in the future. The top is only there to attach the BMW special tool and Peter's plug remover. Under it is all protected. But super-gluing the top will keep the dust off. Good luck!
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