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Hi, I have been in lurking mode for a while... when I saw this thread, I decided to create an account so that I could participate.)

I would be surprised if anyone actually repaired the car shown in the salvage auction... My guesses are:

1) It is a scam eBay add (more so than just being shady). The poster of the auction hasn't sold any other cars that I can see in their history. Why would someone just suddenly get into the repair/flipping business?

2) The VIN tag(s) were transfered from the salvage car to another M3. Maybe the actual M3 was stolen or not wrecked as badly, but has problems with the title?

I just can't see anyone investing the time into welding/swapping over the entire frontend off another M3 and doing a complete repaint/color change. The door jams which you can see in one picture are also orange, along with the engine bay.

My 2 cents... I obviously have no actual knowledge of the situation with that car, but it does look like trouble in any case.