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Originally Posted by Longwong View Post
I always hear the low torque argument but it was not the design or purpose of this engine. You cannot have both in naturally aspirated form. You can't have a low end grunty torque engine that revs to 8400 rpms and makes top end power up until 8300.

Its one thing if many other engines made big torque and offered high rpm power but as mentioned it simply is not possible or very difficult. The purpose of the m3 and the s65 was high revving power which ANYONE who has tracked this car will appreciate how great 3rd gear is to have 8400 rpms to play with and have a 2k band of power to have control of at the peak powerband. IT works flawlessly. This was what it was designed for.

Its a weak low-end torque motor so if you prefer that type of motor and you own an m3 than it seems more of a wrong choice rather than a flaw in the m3 s65 engine which fulfills its purpose beautifullly
Amen to that ^^^^^^^
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