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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
In those three years, you will have had similar parts costs and similar driving experiences. You're down $35,000, he's down $5000.
That's short sighted. If that was the end of it all then why ever buy a new car ? Because a new car is virgin, pristine and a special thing and a used car is someone else's used stuff. Don't stop the comparison at 3 years later because the new car still has many years of problem free use while the used car will require more and more expensive repairs and attention from your garage you'll have to buy another used car while the guy with the more recent M3 will still enjoy his.

if you buy new and maintain it well and keep it a long time even with the depreciation you are getting the best years of the car and still doing better than buying new every 5 years. I see some ugly jealousy from 08/09 M3 owners toward 12/13 M3 owners in this thread. not so cool.