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Originally Posted by grimlock View Post
Science and faith occupy opposite ends of the spectrum, some people prefer to reside on one side and some on the other...
False. Science and faith do not "occupy opposite ends of the spectrum". This is just another mantra uneducated people chant in a futile hope to quench occasional inferiority complex attacks.

The acceptance of science is not a matter of preference, it is matter of competence. People don't "prefer" one or another, people progress from dogmatic beliefs to scientific understandings in the course of their lives. They eventually stop at certain level of competence, defined by their mental capacity and the strength of their determination to push forward. That progress is an inherent part of human nature.

Yet, despite being an inherent part of human nature, it still requires the determination to make the considerable effort required for that progress. And indeed, lazy people "prefer" not to make any effort at all. On top of that they might be deliberately "encouraged" not to make any effort at all by the ruling regime that these people were brought up under. They might even be prohibited from making any effort in that direction by the very same regime. USA is the first example that comes to mind of the regime under which the situation is especially grave.

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