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Originally Posted by WarrantyTracker View Post
Yep, I care. I am what I am, just as much as anybody who says "drive what you want and screw the haters." Part of being what I am means I will make reasonable efforts to avoid coming off like a douchebag, for which I don't apologize. This is a car-conservative community and a guy tooling around town in a 911 looks like he's compensating for some other tool issues. A guy in an M3 looks like just another of the zillion 3 series we have.

If you live in a community where you don't come off like a douchebag, more power to you. I understand they exist. Or if you like being a douchebag, that's a side issue.

At the track here, 911s are totally worshiped, with good reason. And there is a whole set of guys a generation older than me who seems to show up in C5s. But at this point in my training, they would be totally wasted on me. Maybe someday. A guy can dream.
No guys who drive 911's are not douches....they're dicks lol. When I first took my wife out for a drive I told her that I look like such a dick in my GT3...

Originally Posted by lsmkr01 View Post
Keep the GT3... it will age much better than almost any modern car out there. Way things are going it will really be more special to drive THAT car in 15 years appose to whatever turbo M, AMG, Porsche car is available.

Example: My attainable dream car is a 993 RS with a fully built 3.8L. Not the fastest car out buy a long shot but that's not the point. Like most things in life WHAT your doing is not as important as HOW your doing it... motoring is very included in that statement.
Porsche has been good with keeping past models relevant for the most part (other than the poor 996) so I tend to agree. I drove a M3 sedan yesterday w/ DCT and comp pkg. It was a nice car but the lower level of driver involvement wasn't what I was expecting. I'm likely jaded now and have a new found appreciation of my GT3.
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