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Originally Posted by WarrantyTracker View Post
This is a car-conservative community and a guy tooling around town in a 911 looks like he's compensating for some other tool issues.
If you live in a community where you don't come off like a douchebag, more power to you. I understand they exist. Or if you like being a douchebag, that's a side issue.
Wow so basically everyone who drives a 911 is a douchebag.
Is this a common perception in the states?
From the day I got my licence I have bought the fastest "drivers" car I couldn't hardly afford. I've been really lucky to have owned quite a few old school 911s, my favorite being a modified 89 911 5 speed turbo. Never felt like or been called a DB for owning them...always had plenty of positive comments.
If I had the money I'd have a 911 on the drive this instant despite being well past the mid life crisis threshold.
When I see a nice car, I see the car not the person driving it.