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2008 E90 M3 6 spd., no sunroof, no nav, no idrive

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They have the most money, combined with the worst driving record on earth.

That place is insane to drive in; people have absolutely no concept of (or regard for) road rules. The average US or European driver would be killed in about two minutes on those roads. There are people standing on the highways, massively overloaded trucks with no lights ... trash fires by the road. Congestion in the cities. People in expensive cars swerving across 4 lanes of traffic on the airport road in Beijing. The whole country is the most insane driving on the planet.

However they ALSO have these wide-open new freeways in the distant parts that are virtually empty. That would be an awesome test track for a high performance car!! (right up until you slam into some guy on a donkey cart or something).