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Track? What Track? I was just riding along . . .

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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
You really care that much about what other random strangers may or may not think about you? If I had the money I'd buy whatever car I wanted.
Except a boxster that really is a midlife crisis on wheels for women!
Yep, I care. I am what I am, just as much as anybody who says "drive what you want and screw the haters." Part of being what I am means I will make reasonable efforts to avoid coming off like a douchebag, for which I don't apologize. This is a car-conservative community and a guy tooling around town in a 911 looks like he's compensating for some other tool issues. A guy in an M3 looks like just another of the zillion 3 series we have.

If you live in a community where you don't come off like a douchebag, more power to you. I understand they exist. Or if you like being a douchebag, that's a side issue.

At the track here, 911s are totally worshiped, with good reason. And there is a whole set of guys a generation older than me who seems to show up in C5s. But at this point in my training, they would be totally wasted on me. Maybe someday. A guy can dream.