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Originally Posted by grimlock View Post
Another way to look at it is faith is knowing something (or hoping that something is true -'imperfect' faith) but not being able to explain it.
Science is certainty, but it sees only as far as your own nose (relative to faith).
Would you rather have a certain bird in your hand, or a cageful hidden in the bush? (okay, this analogy makes no sense..)

Science and faith occupy opposite ends of the spectrum, some people prefer to reside on one side and some on the other.. now if you want to straddle the sides / a little greedy like me you start to look for similarities examining both sides.

Science will explain eventual what faith proposes already.
-I said that.
Science and faith don't belong on the same spectrum. They're not mutually exclusive. It's not like a seesaw where you lean one way or the other. Science is figuring out and unraveling the structure of the physical world. Religious faith is believing in something existing outside our physical universe that gives reason and meaning to that structure. Since religion is a belief in something beyond our physical world, it's something that falls out of the scope of the physical sciences. The existence of an omnipotent deity is not something science seeks to answer. It's perfectly reasonable to approach life scientifically and still believe in a divine being.

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