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Originally Posted by cpvince
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Here is my 2:00 lap at Thunderhill (w/ bypass) from a couple years ago with only AST's and NT01's. That's about as fast as I'm willing to go without a cage.
We need to get a petition going to have car and driver do a lightning lap at Thunderhill to set the record straight for us.

I saw this on youtube awhile back! That is seriously fast, man. I'm on RS3's/Dinan springs and can only hit 2:09's, though this was in 100+ deg weather. Any braking mods? I don't have any besides stoptech street pads and had to run a cool down every other lap
Just track pads and stock calipers in this video. I eventually did upgrade to a stoptech kit but I haven't found them to make me any faster, just more consistent after multiple laps.