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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
However, when it comes to the masses, faith plays a major role in laymen science. My comparison of faith in religion as well as science was towards those masses.

Surely the millions of people who are intellectually incapable of comprehending and postulating such in depth theories and possibilities while believing them to be true are relying on faith, no?
Having blind faith in something is completely logical, if you know that someone else who isnt as blind as you (in that area), also shares that faith. That key distinction is where the comparison becomes flawed.

When I step on the elevator on the 35th floor of an office building, I have faith that it was properly designed, installed & maintained.

That is a type of ignorance-fueled faith; frankly, I really know nothing about elevators, beyond the fact they have some sort of safety system.

However, despite the fact I know nothing, I can easily find others who do know a lot about it, and can explain the physics in an irrefutable manner. My "faith" is ignorant yes, but it's still logically sound, because someone who isnt as ignorant as I am, shares that faith.

If it was like religion, then no person on the planet alive today could have that knowledge. The best you could get is: "well, since I dont possess any special power, I cant say with certainty any more than you can, but this book (written back when people couldnt even explain where the sun went at night) says the mechanism is safe". How very comforting....

Unless you can find someone who has died, gone to heaven, taken notes, and then came back, there's nobody on this planet who can muster the same authority on religion that the elevator engineer can muster on his topic, if you know what I mean.

Suffice it to say, if riding elevators required that level of blind faith that religion does, I'd be taking the stairs !