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2008 E90 M3 6 spd., no sunroof, no nav, no idrive

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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Very nice! I'm a lifetime away from that kind of time even with my mods, but suspension and r-comps are far from stock. Yea it would be awesome to see some stock benchmark times at Thunderhill (and Sears for that matter).
I think Road and Track ran a 1:43 lap at Laguna Seca ... or maybe it was Car and Driver. I googled it. Hey, on the plus side, I just have to make up 1 second on every single turn ...

Now to conquer the bypass at Thunderhill which still freaks me out (no idea why; turn 9 is a bigger blind drop). Turn 5 was my favorite on the whole track until they opened the bypass last Friday which I hated.