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Originally Posted by LexToM View Post
Thanks just finished 3 coats on my hood, fenders, and bumper. I am hoping it will last a week for a roadtrip from CT to FL.

My first coat came out a bit rough and with many bubbles because I have opticoat on my paint and it kept separating the layer I would roll on but it did dry and stick which I was concerned about. I also think its probably best to let it sit for a while after stirring to release the air.

The 2nd and 3rd layer were a breeze though and looks pretty good and now have a frozen silverstone front end

Will upload pics tonight.
Good stuff, it will work like we've described. With 3 coats it will easily protect and will peel off in large sheets. In fact, I've tested a generous one coat method with a nice mini-roller near the wheel arches and even that peels off with ease, it's just a thin layer.