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Originally Posted by Judge View Post
It's hit or miss. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive but I can't help but notice that whenever they film in the US they go out of their way to deliberately portray Americans as redneck hicks, especially the episode where a small town mayor shows up and starts dancing for no reason. In another episode they go to Detroit and interview a crazy local who says of course everyone in America walks around with a gun.

Then there is the segment where Clarkson reviews a car and finds it brilliant and rubbish at the same time. He'll go on about how cool this feature is or how revolutionary that part is but then he says, "Would I recommend" Or he'll trash a car for several minutes before saying how "brilliant" it is and that it's the best car he's ever driven. By the end you really have no idea what to take from it.

The cinematography is first rate though, and James May seems like the perfect drinking buddy who always has a story and knows a little something about everything.
they trash people from parts of their own country and each other as well, thats what makes the show work, its for laughs. and with their reviews, they are not gonna just tell you the good things about the cars, the way they lay out their descriptions when they flip they show its weaknesses as well. trashing first is their way of showing they came into it wanting to be against it but the car still good. if you don't enjoy the things you mentioned, what the show is really about, the show probably isn't for you

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