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Originally Posted by lukester
Just had contact with Seibon Carbon and as it seems it's not really worth the effort to change the stock hood with a Seibon hood.
The trunk lids is ok for the price as the trunk lid is "just" $880 which is cheap compared to others.

Stock (Steel): 10.625 kg (23.40 lbs) (OC weighed his at 26.0 lbs)
Seibon trunk lid (part: TL0708BMWE922D-C): 16lbs

Stock (Al): 10.20 kg (22.47 lbs)
Seibon hood (part: HD0708BMWE92M3-OE) 22lbs
This is an excellent example of carbon as black aluminum. There are great applications for carbon but in sheets like this aren't good unless they are using honeycomb core the savings will be minimal.

Additionally, carbon pieces like a hood are often sized for handling loads and durability which can further reduce its weight savings opportunity.

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