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Originally Posted by NikB316
Still pondering on what to do. I was pretty set on getting one of the cars mentioned but I also realize I would probably be stuck with it for some time as selling one of these cars after say 3 years with 100k miles won't be pretty. It may actually be in my benefit to lease one and after 3 years I can weigh out if it makes more sense to buy it out or have them take the car back and pay probably a bit over $7k in milage fees.

Been really paying attention to my drive this past weeks and its really just cruising on the highway at around 90ish. Too much congestion on my daily route to really open it up. I also have 10pts on my license and I can't afford to lose it.

So the other and much more sensible option is to get a preowned S class, 7 series A8 for say $40k. I wouldn't care if I put 100k miles on that car over the next few years. If I do this I'm thinking to enjoy the M3 for the summer, get one of the luxury cars and in spring I can get something really fun. Maybe to back to a Carrera but a nice Turbo or Turbo S this time. I think if I kept the M3 I wouldn't drive the luxury car much but if I had something that was much more uncomfortable like a Carrera then I could see it working.
You should get a Vespa.