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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
BMW had 1.9% interest for a good portion of the life of the M3. if you finance $60k for 5 years at that rate, that's a little less than $3k in finance charges over the term over the loan.

so let's say you had $60k in cash in 2009 and you decided to buy the car outright. good for you. but if you just financed the car and threw your $60k into an S&P index fund, you would be sitting on $120k right now.

saying financing is always stupid is, well....stupid. YMM always V
Yes, blanket statements like financing is stupid IS stupid.

I'd rather keep cash on hand/liquid rather than put it in a car if they're loaning me what is essentially "free" money. 1.9% is where it's at.

Now it the rates were 5-6%, then no way.