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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
What makes you say that? Lack of power?
Partially lack of power, but mainly lack of stability in high speed transitions (at least with stock suspension). I had 2 Cayman S's, first gen and second gen (986/987), and neither one could go through the esses at VIR as well as my dang M3 that weighed 700lb more. It was embarrassing. Lap times were 2:21 ish for Cayman S stock on street tires and 2:17 M3 stock on street tires.

Not that the M3 is a bad track car, quite the opposite. But I was perplexed that my 3600lb car couldn't keep up with my 2900lb car. Same driver (me) same temps and time period. I wrote up a comparison and posted it here and on the cayman forum if you're interested in more detailed comments.

Magazine editors swear the Cayman is a good track car because they drive 8-9 tenths. I had the great fortune of hanging out with Leh Keen at a few VIR days, and he was the first person I've met that also thinks the Cayman sucks on track. Not trying to compare myself to him in the least (I'm a day 1 noob compared to him), just found that interesting. Something to do with the suspension geometery; out of my field of expertise.

All of this ragging on the Cayman aside, it is a wonderful car in town and for mountain roads, and is beautiful. Don't drive 10/10ths on mountain roads, folks!