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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
MT is simpler for whom? The mechanic to fix?
MT is cheaper if you want cheap buy a kia
MT is lighter barely, its 45lbs less
MT is not prone to leaks and other expensive repair issues not true dct has been bullet proof
MT uses a single clutch controlled by the driver not a computer two clutches=better
MT doesn't overheat on the track dct shifts faster on a track, plus two hands on teh wheel means better track control...F1 duh
MT puts you in total control over the car so does manually shifting a dct.
MT is more fun no its not.

Finally 7 is better than 6. Winner
wow DCT is def a good trans, but you're bullet points are not factual at all.

MT is def cheaper to maintain and proven more reliable due to being less complex. And the latest threads are DCT pans leaking not MT cars. And MT cars cannot overheat the trans. I can open my door while moving, blip the throttle, etc, etc, etc.