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2008 E90 M3 6 spd., no sunroof, no nav, no idrive

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Originally Posted by bga23 View Post
Hmmm, very interesting theory. May need to try this, hopefully before I sell my M3.
DO NOT SELL IT without taking it out on a racetrack just once!

Being passed by a $4500 110hp Miata in your $75,000 400-hp German behemoth is an experience not to be missed.

Instead of being bored, you'll spend your days wondering about how to unbolt the seats, what's the lightest and most uncomfortable seat to replace it with, camber, lightweight wheels and tires, whether to disable traction control, and of course a set of track brakes that won't melt by the 3rd session.

You have never lived until you've done 20 white-knuckle laps at Laguna Seca (or its local equivalent) while being hounded by little Japanese-made fleas.