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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
This isn't even debatable.

I would take my SUV X5 over a low to the ground touring M3 car any day of the week. First of all the touring car M3 RWD car would suck ass in the snow and I wouldn't even drive it here in the Maine or Alaska Winters. It is too much of a "Pussy" car for this type of Winter where the X5 AWD with all snow or all rain tires shines plus its high and you can plow over things where my M3 inches or crawls over things and is horrible in the snow/ice. To me its a "fad" and folks like it because we can't get it here in the US. That's why we don't see it in the US because it would have epic fail sales rates just like an E89 Z4MC. Upper BMW management said it would not sell just like something like this, even though we all said we would buy one on the forums.

There would be absolutely no reason for me to own one. I have an SUV for snow/ice duty and an E92 M3 for the streets and dry weather. No room for a RWD hatchback sedan.
I was reading through a few pages of this and have to agree on this statement. Wagons are pretty cool in terms of the hunched look but in reality they would suck in comparison to an SUV in inclement weather. I lived in Chicago midwest winters for over 20+ years so you can say I've seen it all and I would never drive a wagon over an SUV. I can just plow through snow, hop curbs and even jump a median if needed in an sport SUV like the M X5 that would leave the wagon crippled.

I am very impressed with this build however as it's his money and pushing the envelope is what it's about! The look is awesome and if I had the extra cash I would build one too! Builds like this really show how creative the human spirit can be to achieve things when money is not an object.

Great job, I love it!

Sadly this type of car will not sell well in general and it seems BMW upper management agrees.
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