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Originally Posted by Nati Beastcat View Post
I agree with the fact that I might have fun at the track. Up until this point, my car is 100% used on the street. That being said.. think I'm just looking for more power which I can't get outta this car unless i'm looking to spend.

C63 is on the list.
Don't fall for the power trap. Accept the fact that no amount of power will be enough. The M3 has plenty of power, even in stock form. If you had a 200hp car and said you needed more power, that's different, but at this overall power level, start looking at other subjective factors.

No matter how fast your car is, if you drive it enough, your brain adapts to the speed sensation and it won't feel as fast. This is a physiologic fact.

Do this:

Rent a base model Civic, Corolla, etc for a month. Do not drive your M3 during this time. Then, go back to your M3. Let's see how you feel then.
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