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Originally Posted by MasterD78 View Post
Just finished this up with the guidance of your DIY. It went smoothly and took me 2 hours. It was my first time changing plugs and I was impressed with how well it went. I have to say that coil puller is a must have. That passenger plug closest to the cabin is a massive PITA, and took me close to 30 minutes on it's own. I have to say I feel like I can tell the difference. Thanks again for the DIY!! Next up in a month is the Manual Tranny Fluid. I've done Oil, and rear diff fluid, car has 71k on it (bought it with 68k), what else should I be looking at? Thanks again!
glad it went smoothly...

well since youve done the oil and rear diff fluid, i think after the tranny i would do the brake fluid, steering fluid and rad at 100k. i did all that at 70k miles and now i have 78k ...

FYI: with the tranny though.. BMW uses a special tool to remove the oil from the cooler but since we are DIY... we will never get some of the oil out. so

while your draining the oil, jack each side for 3-5 minutes of the car to drain all the remaining fluid... it will not drain all but at least you will get out most of the old oil...

so after putting the new oil run the car for 2-3 minutes then drive it around the block DO NOT EXCEED 3k rpm and open the fill oil and refill until it overfill. make sure that the car is level.... if your using a jack you need to jack the car on the driver side and fill the tranny with oil and leave the fill bolt open and slow lower the car very slowly cause it will drip some of the excess oil...

after its level jack the car up slowly put the plug back in...

PM me if you have any questions.