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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Look, you said that weight distribution matters, particularly in the RS5. That was an indication that you think the M3 handles better than the RS5, but as I've pointed out, the M3 is a bit quicker in a straight line, yet loses out on a road course to the Audi.

Meaning of course that weight distribution in this case doesn't seem to matter.

In other cases, it may or not matter, but it certainly doesn't intrinsically matter, as there are a bunch of other variables involved in the overall performance of any given car.

I never said anything about the M3 handling better in this thread. And not interested in getting into the mag racing debate. Steering feel and involvement are more important than outright track times to me.

Again to say that the weight distribution of a RS5 does not matter by comparing it to a porsche is poor reasoning IMO. That's all I was saying, nothing more. If Audi could fit/push the V8 further back, then they surely would....but doesn't really matter to me either way.

Anyhow congrats Dev! Lovely looking car.