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Originally Posted by i dunno View Post
if i ever become a pentamillionaire, i'll still wear my $25 calculator watch
Hey, it would'nt surprise me if you got there some day! Of everyone in this thread, you have the characteristics most becoming of a pentamillionaire. Humble, practical ~$25 watch, and you drive the 2nd most commonly driven vehicle by this prestigious class of individuals

A majority (>50%) of multi-millionaires have a net worth between $2M and $10M USD, and most of these are high (but not obscenely high) income white collar types who lived frugal lives and saved (and invested) dutifully for most of their careers.

Edit: Hopefully my post doesn't come off as offensive to anyone with a $1000 or $2000 or $10000+ watch in this thread! I'm sure there are some here who are wearing watches that are not commensurate to their actual net worth, while others are multi-millionaires or come from multi-millionaire households who are simply reaping the rewards of financial security. I'm sure some combination of both accounts for most if not all of the people here, although I don't care to delineate who fits into what category. Again, I hope my post doesn't offend anyone here!

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