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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
I just disagreed with your postulation that the 128i somehow has better turn in or handling than the M3. I read the R&T review you are talking about. They are comparing it to the F30 chassis, which I am not a fan of. I seriously doubt I will be getting an M3/4 either. When compared to the E90 chassis they still say the E9x was the best by a mile. So context is everything. They also said "(the 135is) could use more suspension travel, it understeers way more than we'd like, and it desperately needs a limited-slip differential to tame the one-tire fire you get in tight corners." Which coincidently is what I was saying. So you can call me "thin skinned" as a result of disagreeing with you but you are pretty much alone with your assessment of the understeer, steering, turn-in, handling...etc. all somewhat measurable attributes when comparing the 128 to the M3. You're entitled to your "preference", but those other metrics can be argued.
How 'bout I change my verbiage a bit. In my opinion, the 128i is more nimble than the M3, largely because it weighs close to 400 pounds less, and also because of the shorter wheelbase.

Nobody will ever call an M3 "nimble", except when comparing it with, say, a C63 or CTS-V.

I also liked the weight of the steering better in the 128i.

Look, there's no way a 128i will ever stay with an M3 in the twisties, much less any straightaway, but I can use another comparison to illustrate my overall point. We've had both E36 ('95) and E46 ('04) M3s grace our garage, and although the E46 was a better car than the E36 in almost every way, it just wasn't as much fun to drive, mostly because of size and weight.

When I first drove an E92, I was conscious of (and pissed off about) the extra weight and size which I could readily feel as a driver, but can't say it was less fun to drive than our '04 car because of that incredible engine.

In any event I think smaller and lighter is of great significance, and therefore in my opinion the 128i is the current bimmer for me.

YMMV of course, but if you'd like to harken back to the initial road tests of the car back in '08, there were bunches of compliments on how much fun the car was to drive.